Hi there!

I’m Jill and I’m a Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Instructor (Mat and Reformer) based in Toronto, Ontario. I’m also training to become an anatomy/biomechanics specialist.

I found Pilates the way many have: in search of relief from pain. A car accident back in 2012 had left me with significant chronic pain in my upper back and shoulder. After years of searching and trying every kind of physical rehabilitation that I could find, I finally tried Pilates. Immediately after that first class, I felt relief from my pain for the first time in years. I was forever changed by that experience.

Since then, I’ve committed my days to learning more about Pilates and the biomechanics of my own body. Now that I’m certified to teach, I’m determined to help others find relief like I did.

You can find me teaching at my home studio located in High Park North, Toronto. I’m also available for virtual corporate classes (If you’re interested in learning more, reach out).

Whether you’re just getting into Pilates, or have been a regular for years, I hope you’ll consider joining me in session. For those still on the fence, I encourage you to come check out a class. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done for you.

- Jill

PS: if you’ve got questions about how to get started, or want to connect with me for a class, get in touch. I’ll respond within 24 hours!


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