Education & Experience:

I found Pilates during my recovery from a car accident back in 2012, and have been committed to learning more about Pilates and the biomechanics of my own body ever since. Now that I’m a certified Pilates Instructor, I’m determined to help others find relief like I did!

My training to date includes:

  • Pilates Mat Work Certification: Body Harmonics (120 hrs)
  • Pilates Reformer Certification: Body Harmonics (270 hrs)
  • Additional CE Courses (103 hrs):
    • Neurophysiology 101 (12 hrs)
    • Neurophysiology 201 (12 hrs)
    • Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols (3 hrs)
    • Upper Cervical Spine Mechanics (3 hrs)
    • Post Rehab Protocols for Spine (12 hrs)
    • Post Rehab Protocols for Shoulder (12 hrs)
    • Post Rehab Protocols for Hip & Knee (12 hrs)
    • Postural Analysis (12 hrs)
    • C-Section and Traumatic Birth Recovery (4 hrs)
    • Pain 101 (3 hrs)
    • Reconditioning the Rotator Cuff (3 hrs)
    • Building a Strong and Supple Spine (3 hrs)
    • Power and Balance for Hip & Knee (3 hrs)
    • Simplifying the Shoulder Complex (3 hrs)
    • Anatomy in Motion (6 hrs)
  • Professional Mentorship Program: Fine Tune Pilates
  • Professional Mentorship Program: Body Harmonics

Teaching Experience

  • Fine Tune Pilates, Sept 2018 - Current: Private Lessons (Mat, reformer, chair, springboard, pilates arc)
  • Body Harmonics, July 2018 - May 2019: Group classes (Mat, Reformer and Springboard)

Related Training & Experience

Prior to university, I trained as a competitive dancer in ballet, contemporary, tap and musical theatre for 15 years. I taught dance at a competitive level for an additional 5 years while I completed my bachelors degree in communications.

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